No one truly wishes to sustain a work related injury, but as we all know accidents do happen. In the blink of an eye the unthinkable can happen – however you may not know that California also allows you to claim injuries that are not so obvious, damage caused to your body from wear and tear of repetitive work activities. Whether you sustained an injury due to a specific incident or from wear and tear on your body caused by repetitive work – you need to report it to your employer and fill out a DWC1 claim form. 

All employers in the state of California are required to maintain Workers’ Compensation insurance so that you can be provided with medical treatment to recover from your injuries, but your employer’s duty to provide treatment will not arise if you do not report the injury to them. Once you report your claim you should be entitled to medical treatment, and if liability for your claim is accepted you may also be entitled to monetary benefits while you recover from your injuries, mileage reimbursement to medical appointments, a retraining voucher and monetary compensation for the permanent damage the injury caused to your body.

In our experience, most Workers’ Compensation claims are denied by the insurance company. If your claim was denied, don’t lose hope. Depending upon the basis for the denial, you may be able to dispute the denial in front of a Workers’ Compensation Judge who has the power to overturn it. Whether your claim is accepted or denied, If you sustained an injury at work from a specific incident or from wear and tear caused by repetitive work activities, Visionary Law Group can help.